Holly Holm is sure that it is too early for her to retire

Is it worth it for ex-UFC champion Holly Holm to retire to a deserved pension from MMA?

The last few years in her life, a black streak, of five of her last fights, she lost in 4 and only in one duel she defeated Beth Koreya ahead of schedule.

But apparently such a bad statistics does not upset the athlete herself and she believes she still has something to show her fans and rivals.

In a recent interview for “MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani, Holly said that she had to disdain retirement: “Many people have told me, how can I think about continuing my career after 4 defeats and at 36 years of age? I declare to all, I still have the strength to fight. Also, many believe that I’m the only one who can take the champion title from Chris Cyborg. And until I get a title fight with Cyborg and take my belt, I’m not going to become a pensioner. ”

Holly realizes that it is harder for her to maintain a good shape and the time will come when she will have to finish her sports career, but now she is still full of strength and ready to continue the fight for the title.

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The article was prepared by the news magazine “Fight Club“.