The transgender woman won the man in the debut battle. MMA

Last Saturday, was the first ever battle in MMA between a transgender woman and a man took place.

Anne Veriato, who successfully applied her skills of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu against men, decided to apply her skills in mixed martial arts.

In her debut battle Veriato won over Rylson Paysaro and the victory was not very easy.

Ann worked very well in the stalls, several times came out on a triangle and armbar, but the opponent miraculously avoided losing. Her opponent is a good drummer, so often his punches hit the target, but it did not help Paysaro win.

As after the fight, Veriato told reporters: “I think it’s fairer for me to fight men. I never imagined that I would fight a woman. I’m very strong and therefore I can win men, despite my hormonal process. ”

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The article was prepared by the news magazine “Fight Club“.