Tyrone Woodley is ready to become Floyd Mayweather’s trainer. UFC

It has long been rumored that Floyd Mayweather takes lessons from the MMA, and the undefeated boxer does not try to disprove this information.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley said that if Floyd seriously decides to compete in fights without rules, he is ready to prepare for him.

“I saw Mayweather at a party of NBA stars. And we talked a little about the battles without rules and not only. He accepted my offer. If Floyd decides to try himself in the MMA he will come to me and I will teach him everything I can. He has excellent chances, he has all the skills that will help him become a champion in the UFC. ”

Woodley said that Mayweather needs to work hard to protect himself from kicks and hands, toga, in general, his training can take no more than two and a half months.

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The article was prepared by the news magazine “Fight Club“.